A little presentation…

To anyone who happens to stumble here, Welcome!

You can call me Rainbow Blue. It is a whimsical representation of my real name. I have 2 first names, because each of my parents decided on one to represent their culture. The first one is an old fashioned name meaning spring, or spring field, aka full of flowers. The second one is also an old name which comes from the words white, or light. Add to that my undying love of impressionism & color, & you can guess why Rainbow was sort of self evident. Blue, in many ways is the color which defines my family, from a favorite color for certain gifts, to how we chose to paint our home, to many small anecdotes of our daily lives. So, it is all very symbolic.

The thing is, I have a unique point of view of the world, one always in construction. As far as I am concerned, the day I set my opinions & thoughts in stone is the day I start suffocating from the inside. I come from different cultures, countries, continents & I have lived so little in the places I’m supposed to come from, if at all, that I have no attachment to a place or to the many things which trap most people in an identity & a view of the world. If they one day announced the distribution of a “Citizen of Earth” id, I would be the first one to throw passports & everything else & camp in line to get one. Most people I know require a serious culture-shock to truly start taking off the glasses they see the world through. I have spent my entire life switching between cultural references to explain to one side of the fence how some other side thought or reacted to one issue or another. You could see it as a cultural translator. But I guess the main consequence for me is that I never take an idea or an opinion for granted. With every piece of knowledge I come across, I consciously re-evaluate my view of the world. It is a way of life, a harsh one at times, but it has made me who I am.

Among other things, I am a very private person. You won’t find me under my real name on social media. I will share, by choice, certain details of my life, maybe to make a point or explain something, but I will never willingly give enough to identify me. Should anyone I know one day connect the dots, please keep it to yourself. I created this little corner to share my thoughts with others. My helpless wish is for every single one to be taken at face value, without the suffocating, limiting tags of age, gender, background or any other label people like to stick on someone’s opinion in order to dismiss them, usually with the instinctive fear that other opinions might destroy the foundation blocks of their own identity.

In a world where I feel like people stopped listening to others, if they ever did, where the cacophony of noise seems to have drowned rational minds, I just needed to write with a hopefully, quieter, sometimes more middle ground voice, hoping that maybe, just maybe, one day someone would read & think “hmm, interesting, there was also this point of view, maybe I should think more about how I see this issue”. Or maybe someone would write a comment & I would be the one having this impression.

In the end, I just have one wish, please read my ramblings with an open mind.

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