For a long time, I struggled on what to write here. I have a lot to say but I despair of people having the ears to listen amongst the screams of outrage, denial & hatred… Then today, I was watching this,


a video made in response to criticism made of this video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJMG27YYAWU .

I started writing my comment on youtube then I realized, when does anyone listen there? SO, I cut & pasted everything here, then kept writing . At least, here is a place where I am free to share my voice…

“I suppose there are good arguments to made for both sides, but here is where I stand right now:
French Ambassador: You are denying their Frenchness!
Trevor Noah: You are denying their Africanness!
Me, a result of mixed ethnicities, religions, continents… who doesn’t watch sports: when will we see them as players happy to have won the highest honor, arguably, of their chosen sport & profession rather than a tool to indicate some nebulous superiority?”

I am tired of all this BS! I am tired of the race BS, the nationality/nationalism BS, the religion BS, the sexuality & sexual orientation BS, the gender BS & the social class BS, the list goes on & on & on… there is no end to it. To any who reads this, No, I will not give you my info. It shouldn’t matter & I won’t let you be one more person who cuts me to pieces to label me, stuff pieces of my soul into tiny boxes, regardless of wether they fit or not, then use those to dismiss me & forget me. The only label I can’t argue with is “human being”, even though I’m not sure I like belonging to it when I see the depth of the abyss of what human beings are capable of. You don’t know how much I wish the only thing needed was a “Citizen of planet Earth” passport or ID, so I can say, “yes, this is who I am, standing right here”, so I can be free of the suffocating shackles of labels & designations… I am a person first, who happens to have been born in some place, who happens to have lived in some places because life is the driver & you barely do more than hang on for the crazy ride & give some indications (or at least try), who happens to look a certain way, or be a certain gender, who happens to like certain foods or music or books. With everything I see, or hear or do or feel… I am constantly evolving. & I will continue to do so until the second I die, with every choice I make, with every happening I come across. Few things truly define me, if I would say anything, it would be “I am a Person, who loves stories”, quite simple & vague, yet the heart of who I am can go there. Labels limit who I can be, try to glue me to what I should be, or appear to be or whatever people use to judge others.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more on the subject, but for now, this is it.

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